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APA Editorial Photographers (APA / EP) is a chapter of American Photographic Artists dedicated to improving the business of editorial photography

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2013 EP Edu Grants Awarded!

APA/EP is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 EP Education Grants Student Photo Competition!.  


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With nearly 300 entries, this year was our largest competition ever and all the judges noted the high quality of the submissions.  Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our six winners!  We wish all the entrants the best in their future careers which we hope you’ll pursue with passion and the best business sense.




Starting Out

For anyone just starting out or for any of you who may just need a reminder of exactly why you got into this business, EP posed some question to some of our most successful EP members:

David Burnett Peter Howe Claudio Edinger
Rick Rickman Chip Simons Brian Smale
Brad Trent Michael Grecco Seth Resnick
Adrienne DeArmas Peter Gregoire Katherine Lambert
Mark Richards Alicia Wagner Calzada Rich Frishman
Michael Yamashita Bob Sacha Brian Smith


Brian Smith

Q&A WITH BRIAN SMITH, President of Editorial Photographers

Excerpted from "The Art and Commerce of Magazine Photography", Presented to ASMP Washington DC

Q: How important are relationships with editors?
I think it's less a case of being buddies with your editors and more important that you're someone they know they can count on to produce a great photo without fail, no matter what forces conspire against you.

Q: So, is it still possible to make a small fortune as a magazine photographer?
Absolutely. It's actually easy to do. Just start with a large fortune...